Last year’s wishlist was very effective at helping me focus on my priorities and curb impulse spending. I got most of my skincare wishlist, and loved them all, and did not focus on my makeup wishlist, which I did not end up regretting. The key takeaway here is that skincare creates more value to me than makeup, and I won’t miss any makeup items I forego purchasing.

My attitude towards my purchasing is better, to the point I no longer need seperate categories for my wishlist items.

2019 Wishlist

  1. Krave’s Beet the Sun sunscreen – Krave’s products have been a 100% hit with me and I can’t wait to try their sunscreen.
  2. EltaMD UV Clear sunscreen Tinted – The untinted version is incredible. I’d like to try the tinted version too.
  3. Nars Sheer Glow – This foundation was rated very highly on Director Pi’s “Top of Top” foundation review video.
  4. An eyecream with sunscreen – I am taking better care of my undereye area and would like to extend sun protection to that area. I don’t have a particular product I’m thinking and will be shopping around for it.
  5. Returning favorites – I want to revisit some of the products I have used in the past that resulted in great skin or were my personal favorites. This includes the Secret Key starting essence, Banila Co’s cleansing balm, Krave’s match cleanser, Stratia’s rewind serum, and Cosrx’ oil-free moisturizer with birch sap.
  6. Fillers and lasers – Topical items can help but in the end they are no match for professoonal sefvices like facials, fillers and surgery. This year, I’d like to get undereye fillers to reduce dark circles due to thin skin and reduce the need to use convealer.