I am a cream blush convert. I’ve been using powder blushes for two decades now, but I’m ready to toss them and their bulky brushes to have an arsenal of only cream blushes.

It all started with professional makeup artist PONY. On her video channel, Pony Syndrome or Pony Makeup, she often uses cream blushes in makeup tutorials where she wants a natural flush. Cream blushes have a learning curve, for sure, but seeing PONY’s videos helped me understand the application technique prior to using such a product myself, and remove one mental obstacle to the switch.

1. Glossier’s Cloud Paint in Beam and Haze

Beam is a peach color, and Haze is a berry color. Beam looks great on the cheeks. It’s not as good on eyes or lips, but it works wonders as a blush. When I wear it, people compliment me on my glowing skin. It’s not really my skin foundation itself, I believe it’s the pop of color that Beam creates which causes people to think I look especially healthy and lively. Haze is a little difficult for a beginner to use on the cheeks, but it looks great on eyes and lips as a subtle compliment to other colors layered on top.

It truly has a “lit from within” look that can not be replicated with a powder blush. The longevity is incredible. While powder blush requires ia touch by lunchtime, cloud paints will last all day. A little goes a long way too; a small amount is all that is needed as the color is quite concentrated, making this a great value.

2. Stila’s Convertible Color in Lilium

I tried this on at Sephora multiple ties because Pony Park used it in her video. It looks like a lovely pale pink on her but ends up being bland on me. The longevity was not as good as Glossier’s cream blush. The packaging is exceptional though. Its case is sleek and thin, with a helpful mirror inside.

3. Peripera’s Ink Airy Velvet in #5 Elf Light Rose and #8 Brick Brown Red

With this purchase, I have every Airy Velvet shade I wanted! #5 Elf Light Rose reminds me of #2 Orange Pink, but more subdued in brightness. #8 Brick Brown Red is a very nice reddish MLBB. #8 is more neutral than I thought it would be. It’s very wearable on a daily basis. Of the three I have, #8 is the only one I’d repurchase.

3. MAC Lipstick in Chili

This is the lipstick that people mistaken believed Suzy Bae (a celebrity) wore, when in reality she wore MAC Diva. Regardless, it’s still a nice brick color and it soared in popularity.

This color looks beautiful on light skinned Asians, but my initial reaction is that it looks dull on me and makes my skin look dull as well. I don’t think I have the right understones for this.

I did get more accustomed to it over time, to the point I was wearing it daily. It’s a nice red to wear that is definitely red but not in your face. It doesn’t make your teeth look whiter but I’m willing to overlook this. I’d be willing to try a purple based color correcting cushion to help make this more of a match for me.

4. Nyx Round Lipstick in Violet Ray

It’s very vampy and close to Maybelline’s lipstick in Berry Bossy, but Maybelline’s is bolder and brighter, while Violet Ray is deeper and consequently, more wearable.

A little too dark to wear in full as an everyday look, it works nicely as a middle lip ombre color blended out to another base colors. Nyx’s creamy texture helps in making it easy and smooth to blend.

5. Tom Ford lipstick in Indian Rose

I got this as a deluxe sample. Reminds me of Nyx’s Round Lipstick in Tea Rose. With this, I’m going stop trying to make light pastel pink lipcolor happen for me. Light pink lipsticks look great on some people, but on me it doesn’t show well and doesn’t excite me either. The creamy formula is nice though.