Green Tea extract has become one of my favorite ingredients in skincare and my recent additions to my skincare wardrobe reflect my adulation for camellia sinensis.

1. Krave Beauty’s Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser

This has quickly become my #1 water-based cleanser. The texture is a jelly-like substance reminiscent of Glossier’s Milky Jelly Cleanser. A little bit goes a long way. One small dollop can cover my whole face sufficiently. It lathers just enough and simply feels great on the skin. It really does leave the skin feeling hydrated with no tight, squeaky clean feeling afterwards. Liah Yoo has no reason to be concerned about it not smelling or looking the best – even without artificial fragrance additives, it still has a nice natural scent. The formula is superior to many other cleansers I have tried – green tea extract is the most abundant and first ingredient listed; humectants and vitamin b5 follow. Why anyone would choose another jelly cleanser over this one is beyond me. I will be repurchasing without a doubt. $16 for 140ml.

2. Manefit’s Natural Gift Green Tea Hydrogel Mask

This is one of the few sheet masks that have a noticeably visible effect on skin a couple days after use. I’m not sure if it specifically this mask, or if all hydrogels are this good, as this is the first hydrogel mask I’ve tried. It comes in two parts and the fit is good. After use, my pores are slightly smaller and my skin feels a little more plump. It creates a good canvas for makeup application and I would apply this the night before a special occasion. The only downside is that it is a bit more expensive than I usually budget for sheet masks, coming in at 5 bucks a pop.

3. Whamisa by Glow Recipe’s Green Tea Serum Toner

This is the child of Korean skincare company Whamisa, US distributor of goods Glow Recipe, and neighborhood big box store Target (sort of, in that this is sold at Target and that convenience factor is a plus). I have been using this for a couple weeks now after my bottle of Pyungkang Yul toner was finished. It is a thicker consistency than the Pyungkang toner, but still thinner than a serum and relatively lightweight. Using the 7 skin method, 3 layers of this is equivalent to 7 layers of a more watery toner. It contains green tea and licorice, both two of my favorite ingredients. The toner is indeed reasonably effective at maintaining hydration. I like it, though I would also like to try out a few other toners after this is done. There are no significant problems with it though.