Just when I thought I was completely happy with my current rotation of watery products between cleansing and serums (Pyunkang Yul and Secret Key), the skincare industry comes up with new options that are remarkable and enticing. Here are three new-to-me toners that have caught my attention recently and that I am interested in purchasing.

1. Etude House Soon Jung PH 5.5 Relief Toner – The whole Soon Jung line intrigued me after Liah Yoo mentioned one of the balms in a video review. It’s great to see Etude House go with a more minimalist line. The formulas are indeed simple in hopes that it will match will with sensitive skin, but it has two all star ingredients that I like: green tea and madecasseio-something (a molecule derived to centella asiatica). Prices vary around $12 – $15 for 180ml, which makes it a reasonable good value.

2. Isntree Hylaronic Acid Toner – I saw this as reviewed and recommended by Gothamista. She brilliantly recommended the Pyulkang Yul toner, which I like the texture of, so there’s a strong chance that her next recommendation would work for me as well. Additionally, Isntree’s toner is $12 for 200ml, a much better value than Pyulkang’s $19 full price for the same amount.

3. Acwell Licorice PH Balancing Cleansing Toner – This is a recently curated line at Sokoglam. I didn’t need to read their Klog review to know I wanted it – the ingredients sold me. It has licorice water, which is great for brightening, and green tea extract, which I became a fan of after trying Innisfree’s green tea serum. At $18 for 150ml, it’s the most expensive of all the hydrating toners I have considered. That may be a literal price I’m willing to pay though to have a toner will some of my favorite ingredients.