I will give props to a good product, even when I don’t think the entity that produced it is good. Today is the day I must do so.

Innisfree’s Green Tea Seed Serum is one of the hyper-rich company’s bestsellers. They frequently hire the names like: Yoona from SNSD, who I am to not a fan of due to a colleague’s negative personal experience working with her, from SM Entertainment, who I dislike due to how they package their musical content; LOONA, a girl group created by a large arms dealing corporation; and Wanna One, a boy band created through a reality show, as shills for their products. While that may drive many fans to their products, it turns me off. Use your money to add in more active ingredients and promote ethical business/labor processes, not buy off celebrities to hype up one-note products at high prices. They fact that they have the particiular spokesmodels they do, and they’re owned by AmorePacific, just reinforces the “big corporation working with big corporations to monopolize the market” narrative that plague many Korean industries.

Regardless, the Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum did surpass my expectations and proved itself to be a sufficiently good serum. I got a 10ml deluxe sample from KCON that has lasted over 3 weeks of daily use, so a little goes a long way. The main ingredient of green tea is a respectable antioxident for hydration and melanin inhibition. The texture is perfectly emollient and easy to absorb; it is indeed cosmetically elegant in that it is neither too watery nor too thick.

Combined with the 7 skin method using Pyunkang Yul’s toner, this serum made my skin very well hydrated. Even though I started retinol, which is known for drying out or irritating skin at first, my skin stayed healthy and never felt dry, thanks to this combination of toner and serum. There were even a couple days I skipped my moisturizer completely, since this serum kept my skin moist enough.

Despite being a good serum, wouldn’t purchase the full size, as the price is higher than I prefer for a serum product aside from eye serum, and there are other ingredients I want to utilize in my routine that serve the same purpose as green tea. I have no problem recommending it to others though.