I’ve stockpiled a lot of sheet masks from samples recently, so I’ve been trying to use them all and minimize space in my bathroom vanity. It was a nice change of pace to use some different pieces aside from my favorite Mediheal, Benton, and Lovemore masks. Here are mini reviews for 4 masks.

Holika Holika Makgeolli Brightening Mask was a sample with my first order from Jolse. The mask is ok. There is an average amount of essence, not too much that it drips. The fit is round and slightly small, but more because I have a big forehead than anything else. The mask includes licorice, so that’s good for brightening.

Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask in Green Tea is a good basic mask. It has an average fit. I was able to wear it comfortably while sitting and typing on the computer for 30 minutes. It was a sample from Innifree’s KCON booth.

The LJH Vita Propolis NutriMask is soaked with essence. The serum itself feels nice, thick  and hydrating. Lots of good ingridients like propolis listed second, betaine, centella for healing, and allatonin for brightening. It was so drenched that I got some in my eyes and it strung painfully. I got it for free at KCON, whereas is it a $2 – $5 per mask at online shops depending whether you buy in bulk.

My Beauty Diary (MBD)’s Squalene Restorative Mask was given as a sample at KCON from MBD’s official booth. Like all MBD masks, it is thick and heavy with serum. The fit is excellent, one of the top 5 in smooth coverage, much better than any of the other masks here. This is due to its horizontally oval shape, as opposed to the round shape of the Holika Holika mask I tried the night before it. Despite the heavy amount of serum and the close fit around the eyes, it did not drip into my eyes and sting. It was so hydrating that I skipped my serum, moisturizer, and oil afterwards. I threw on a sleeping mask, and the next day my skin was noticably bouncy, smoothy and dewy. A grade A product for hydration.