I “triple cleanse” at night which means I use three steps in cleansing: micellar water, oil cleansing, and then foaming cleanser. Today, it’s Hada Labo’s Gokujyun Foaming Cleanser versus Cow Brand’s Mutenka Foaming Cleanser.

Hada Labo’s Gokujyun Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Foam has been reformulated recently. I used the old one until it was empty years ago, and I just picked up the new formulation recently. Both have a PH of 5.5 and foam well. I don’t feel like my skin is irritated or stripped of hydration afterwards, nor do I feel any film left over on my face. Like all Hada Labo products, they are solid, reliable basics I can count on but generally have nothing profound to comment on. They’re not exciting nor are they troublesome. There’s a better review on Maple Tree’s blog. This can be bought on Amazon with Prime or at my local Tokyo Lifestyle store for a reasonable price (approximately $10).

Cow Brand Mutenka Foaming Face Wash caught my eye when it kept topping Japan’s Cosme Rankings for personal care and beauty products. This lasts forever – at least 6 months, maybe more, as I last recorded using in this journal in February 2017 and even then it had been in my routine for a couple months. The PH is allegedly 6.5, based on Reddit reviews, and it has either squalane or ceramides (depending on which year’s formulation you are using), both good emollients. It’s available at my local HMart korean supermarket for around $10.

Which one comes out on top? These two are so remarkably unremarkable and equal in regards to my short wishlist. I choose Hada Labo over Cow Brand because of the slightly lower PH and for the superficial fact that the bottle matches my bathroom decor more, but I have no substantive qualms about using Cow either. My excessive triple cleansing routine almost guarantees my skin is clean by the end of last step.

What’s coming up? Etude House has a new line out for sensitive skin called “Soon Jung”. One item from that collection is the Etude House Soon Jung PH 6.5 Whip Cleanser. It has a self-foaming pump, which I love, and I’m curious about madecassoside since learning of it in Liah Yoo’s latest video. Another cleanser I’d consider is Cosrx’ Good Morning Low PH Cleanser, though I’m a bit lazy and rather not spend the extra few seconds manually lathering.