Replacing my old standby Almays’s Eye Makeup Removing Pads, I have switched to using micellar on a cotton pad for a morning refresh and the removal of makeup at night.

1. Garnier’s Skinactive Micellar Cleansing Water (Pink Cap). This was the first one I used and it was good. It what it was supposed to do and never felt too greasy or drying. I was able to use less of this product than the others to remove the same amount of makeup. I would repurchase. $7 at Target.

2. Garnier’s Skinactive Micellar Cleansing Water Waterproof (Blue Cap). This is for waterproof makeup using a bi-phase formula, though I find the pink cap works just as well for waterproof makeup. This one feels “soapier” and oiler than the pink cap, and stings if you get it into your eyes, but the end result is the same as the pink cap – smooth, clean, and not oily. Since I don’t use a lot of heavy water proof makeup, I would not repurchase.

3. Simple’s Micellar Water. This one feels like the Garnier pink cap, but takes a little more product to remove the same amount of makeup. It does clean like it is supposed to, with no adverse reactions or side effects. Bought at Costco for a super deal!

The bottom line is that all these micellar waters work fine for me because I don’t use much stubborn, waterproof makeup. The last one I want to try is one by Bioderma, a French brand, as it’s quite popular with both plebians and celebrities, in North America, Europe, Korea, and Japan alike! For now I’ll be using Simple exclusively for its price point.