Biore’s Aqua Rich Watery Essence UV (Normal and Rose Limited Edition) – This was the one that convinced me of how advanced Asian sunscreens are and started me on the habit of wearing sunscreen every single day. The normal version is in a blue bottle and smells floral; the limited edition is in a pink bottle and smells like roses. It’s a very light that spreads easily, absorbs quickly, leaves no white cast, and is weightless underneath makeup. I’ll come back to this one if no other sunscreens are suitable replacements. $8-13 at various places, from Amazon, to Ebay, to online boutiques, and a little makeup store in Life Plaza in Diamond Bar.

Canmake’s Mermaid Skin UV – It applies a little heavier and creamier than Biore and CountryStream, but not by much. It’s still very lightweight compared to North American drugstore brand sunscreen. It has a velvety matte finish, and a very minimal white cast (“brightening effect”) that disappears eventually. I did get some minor whiteheads on my jawline a couple weeks after use, but I’m going to chalf it up to hormones rather than this product (unless it continues). $15 at Beautius and sells out quickly.

Country & Stream’s Honey UV Gel – The consistency, texture and application is almost identical to Biore, with a very light honey scent. I had a couple papules on my face after using it, so I stopped using it to be cautious. Since it was a minor effect, I still use it on my body with no problems. $18 at Beautius.Com.

Lavanilla’s The Healthy Sunscreen Luxe Sport – I love this company for their perfumes, but I’m not crazy about this sunscreen. On the plus side, it’s not greasy, but conversely, it isn’t smooth and it’s hard to spread and absorb. I had to mixwith facial moisturizer to make it workable. Free sample at Lavanilla’s website.