Benton Steam Bee High Content – These will be repurchase in bulk. They are great for soothing inflammed skin. Perfect amount of essence. Fits fine. I’d been avoiding Benton after their contamination scandal but I was very impressed with this mask and open to trying more benton products now.

Leaders Renewal Mask in Aloe and Ac Clear – These use a good quality fabric that feels thicker and softer than other masks, fits well, and has a lot of essence, quite like My Beauty Diary. Since I prefer masks that are quick drying and less drippy, I won’t be repurchasing. 

Lovemore in Pearl Barley and Milk, Rose Hybrida, Aloe and Loofah, Pearl and Red Pearl Barley (regular eggshell packaging) – The Pearl Barley and Milk ones have made it into my regular repurchase carts and rotation. They smell good, fit like a second skin, sooth inflammed skin, and my skin looks smooth and plump ther next day, even after washing. I don’t recall anything notable about the other flavors.

Lovemore Mask Sheets in Black Pearl, Cubilose, and Yurang (artistic packaging) – These are fine but unmemorable. They have slightly more essence than the regular ones by Lovemore, but it is unnoticeable in use. 

Manefit in Mugwort, Lavender, and Lily – These have an average fit and an ideal amount of essence (not too much, not too little). The mugwort one is good for soothing inflammed skin, but not as much as the Benton or Lovemore masks. The lily one has an essence that is heavy and doesn’t absorb well; my skin was sticky long after masking was done. It’s definitely for nighttime use, as daytime use would interfere with layering products and makeup. I won’t be repurchasing as there are better ones available.

Tosowoong in Dr TroubleX, Propolis, Aloe, and Green Tea – These sheet masks are fine. They smell good, fit reasonably OK, are not irritating. The amount of essence on each one is not overwhelming. They’re a trusted company that produces and folds masks by machine in a sanitary environment instead of by outside contractors working from home.