Holy Snails Shark Sauce – I have been using this since November 2016 and have not noticed a significant impact on my skin. The jury is still out for this serum, as I do like the formula and have no complaints in the feel of it, I simply can’t gauge its value at this time. It was $80 for 100ml at the Holy Snails online shop during their Black Friday special.

Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin C – This was my first vitamin c serum and it worked very well at first. However, it oxides quickly and I noticed it became substantially less effective after that. I prefer the OST C20 (review below) more. I got this for $23 at Sokoglam’s website; it is also available at Wishtrend and Amazon for the same rate.

Neutrogena Naturals Acne Spot Treatment – I got this as a spot treatment after a recommendation from one of my many estheticians.  It worked fine and was a reasonably priced drugstore solution. After I started  using Cosrx’ Returning A Sol, I found that to be more effective and have not used the Neutrogena options since. It was $6 on Amazon.

OST (Only S Trend) Vitamin C20 Serum – This is an incredible product which made me recognize how powerful and potent vitamin C can be for skin. My skin would look healthier the next day after using this serum at night. It’s definitely a Hall of Fame product. It oxides  quickly but it’s still reasonably effective afterwards. It is $15-20 online at korean stores like Memebox and Jolse.

Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence – I purchased this after seeing it as a recommended alternative to the infamous SK-II essence on this thorough blog post. During summer 2016, my cheeks felt dehydrated. After adding this to my routine, I no longer felt dehydrated and my skin felt back to normal. It absorbs fast and feels refreshing. I’d buy it again. $15-20 at various online shops incl. Amazon and Beauty Beyond Borders.