My Beauty Diary – Black Pearl: when it comes to who has the most essence on a mask, MBD is the winner. I get two small doses of serum from a each sheet mask, not including the mask itself, which is so soaked that it sometimes gets into my eyes whenI wear the mask. Fit is a little small. Found at 99 Ranch Market in Anaheim.

It’s Skin The Fresh Sheet Mask – Avocado: Good fit for big faces. Found at a Cosmed, I think, in Taipei.

Papa Recipe – Honey Bombee Mask: OK fit. Smells great. Found at Skin96 in Taipei.

Pure Smile masks – An amazing variety of flavors. Mask itself is sufficiently OK. Fit is small. Found at Don Quixote and Tokyu Hands in Tokyo.

Lululun masks – pink: Great value. Kind of boring. Sheets are thin and moisturizing, cheap and easy enough to use everyday. Fit is small. Found at Donki and Tokyu Hands in Tokyo in a pack of 7 for 300 yen.

My Scheming – Snail Hydrating: Comes with a plastic covered side. Lots of essence, just a bit behind MBD. Fit is small. Found at Watsons and Cosmed in Taipei.

Sexylook – Black sheet masks: Surprisingly good. Skin feels nice afterwards. Fit is OK. Found at Watsons and Cosmed in Taipei.

Wizyoung sheet masks: Very cheap masks at small store next to HMart in Garden Grove. Lots of flavors, but I only like the mugwort one.

Aritaum – Fresh Power Masks in Mugwort and Hyaluronic Acid: Good fit. Mugwort was less effective than Wizyoung despite being a better brand. This mask was featured on a Get it Beauty blind test. Found at Aritaum in HMart in Buena Park for $1.50 each.

Toosowoong masks – Aloe and Pure Propolis: Honestly I don’t remember anything about these! Perhaps they performed well but nothing stood out or was unique in the experience. $2 each at Peachandlily.

The sheets masks I want to try next are: 1) Manefit Beauty Planner Masks in Mugwort and Lavender; 2) Lovemore masks in Rose hybrida; 3) MBD in Apple, Strawberry Yogurt, Imperial Bird Nest, and Rose; 3) Mamonde in Evening Primrose; and 4) Freeset Donkey Milk Masks.