I’ve added three new products to my skincare wardrobe. They all came from my first purchase at online retailer Sokoglam, whom I’m fairly happy with in terms of packaging, website usability, selection, and shipping speed. Patch testing started on January 6th, and while I intended to test for another week, I have a good sense of what I like and don’t like already.

pd-klairs-drop1. Klairs Freshly Juiced Drop

When it came time to choose a vitamin c drop, I was deciding between this, the OST C20 Serum, and the Its Skin Power 10 Effector serum. The Klairs serum has provided such great results, I may not be able to try the others (and I’m ok with that!). After 1 week of use, my PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) has already started to fade. This has been more effective than my Rezenerate or microneedling efforts. The serum is initially warm upon application and the heat fades quickly. I do wonder how long one bottle will last though…

pd-missha-timerev2. Missha Time Revolution New Science Activator Ampoule

This was the surprise disappointment of the three. It’s been raved about as a solid anti-aging serum with few if any acne triggering ingredients, and a nice alternative to one of Estee Lauder’s well-received anti-aging products. However, it causes light but increased redness on the area I tested it which usually does not suffer from that problem. Though the effect was light, it was consistent for a week. I decided to trust my intuition and return it. Aside from my personal reaction, which is definitely among the minority of people who have tried, it was well designed with a nice glass bottle and dropper, of a smooth and moderately thick consistency, and a little went a long way (a 2-3 drops would be enough for the whole face).

pd-missha-snailcrm3. Missha Cell Renew Snail Cream

This is surprise favorite of the three. It’s the only one here that feels like it simply melts into my skin. It offers light hydration, the ever infamous snail ingredient, a lovely looking jar, a handy spatula, a sizable amount, and easy layering potential with other products. I saw no obvious, visible benefits, but it feels fantastic, which is a reasonable benefit and there were no problems either.