I have found my favorite drugstore clay mask and it is Boots Botanics Conditioning Clay Mask ($15/4.2oz). It didn’t gain this position by doing anything miraculous, but by not doing anything wrong. It’s reasonably priced and does what it’s supposed to. It’s a good, basic clay mask; nothing more, nothing less.

How does it feel? Like sludge when stored and first applied, like harmless hard clay when it dries on skin, and like powder when it easily washes off with warm water.

How does it work? Sufficiently well. After use, skin feels tight and clean. Whiteheads are minimized. I’ve had both bad skin and good skin days with it, so it doesn’t seem to have a major impact on breakouts. And it doesn’t burn my skin or clog the bathroom sink the way the last mask did. Good enough for me.

Other strong points? No fragrance. Good squeeze tube packaging (though it gets a little difficult near the end of its life, and it’s easy to forget to shake it). Beautypedia gives the product at a Smiley Face review.

Bottomline, because of its problem-free nature and decent price, I am sticking with Boots until another drugstore mask can rival its reliability.