DHC’s Acerola Lotion ($17) is the second toner I have used and now I am a fully converted fan of toner. Since cleansing more than twice a day is not good for your skin, toner is a great way to refresh skin throughout the day (on those days where you don’t wear makeup) and during your morning/night routine to prep skin for moisturizer, without over-drying your face.

It comes in a heavy, berry pink glass bottle with a screw cap. While some may complain that DHC’s packaging is erratic with no consistency or sense of luxury, I rather like the arbitrary and often quirky designs. The warm blush coloring of the bottle brightens up my otherwise colorless pile of skincare bottles. Additionally, the opening of the bottle allows for a controlled output of product, so it’s easy to pour but never results in an excess of product on your hand. Despite the convenience of toners with a mist spray cap (See Boscia Toner review), using a toner like Acerola that you rub on with your hands is much more efficient. Better control over application means that you can make sure it goes everywhere.

Since switching to Acerola Toner, my skin has become more clear and easier to manage. I credit this change to the use of a new serum, exfoliant, and mask as well. However, considering that I use toner more frequently than the other products, it deserves some credit as well. It is not drying at all, probably due to it being alcohol and acetone free. It does not have an effect on uneven skin tone, but you should be relying other products for that concern. Toner’s main purpose is to finish cleansing and start the hydrating process, and Acerola Lotion does this.

The average 3.3 oz bottle will last a heavy-handed user like myself about 4 months. After a month and a half of use, I am 1/4 through the bottle. I estimate that it lasts 5-6 months for the average consumer.

Overall, though it won’t deliver on skin brightening, Acerola Lotion is a good alcohol-free toner for keeping combination skin clean and clear.