When it comes to toner, my previous attitude towards them was one of indifference. Is it really necessary? How do I use it? Isn’t a good cleanser already supposed to clean my face?

Now my attitude is different: If it might help, and it feels good for your skin, why not try it? The key is to get an alcohol-free toner. Toner is the last stand of face washing, the final step that cleans out any remnants left over by your cleansers, and supposedly reduce the appearance of pores.

Boscia Clear Complexion Tonic with Botanical Blast ($24) is a great starter toner. It’s a mist, so there’s no need to fumble about with a cottonball, wondering what direction you’re supposed to be rubbing. Just spray-on and let it dry.

There no stinging sensation, even if you get it close to your eyes. Afterwards, skin feels refreshed and clean, but not too dry. I feel no need to rush and put moisturizer on after toner because the toner leaves skin feeling comfortable. As for its complexion clearing and pore minimizing properties, it does not follow through with that claim.

It was difficult to integrate toner into my routine at first, but once I did, it has become a staple, and Boscia’s tonics are good, convenient introductory toners. As a backup to your cleansers, it can’t hurt to use it.