Since I use my Moleskine organizer for everything, I’ve started using it to track the trials and errors of my skincare routine. For someone who uses many different products, this is a great way to be reminded of your 2-3 times a week rituals (like exfoliation or a mask), as well as a good way to determine what is not working for you.

People are quick to say that a product caused a bad reaction, but how do you know that it’s the product and not your hormones or another skincare product? I jot down a brief note in my planner when I use a product and a daily indicator of my skin’s condition. It doesn’t have to be long, you can simply write the number of breakouts you had, use a symbol system to indicate how good/bad your skin looks on your own personal scale, or any other descriptor that is based on your needs and takes less than a minute to do. This has helped me identify which product have a pattern of poor results, and which bad days are flukes, the result of other stress factors in life.

To run on a tangent a bit, I am finally finished with my Kanebo Freshel White BB Cream after 7 months of use! This is quite a joyous feat because, as much as I love that foundation substitute, I have a few BB cream minis that I’m eager to test out. The queue consists of Bocsia BB Cream, Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream, and Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm. All three received decent reviews from Beautypedia, a remarkable thing from a tough critic. Do see my What is BB Cream? post if this paragraph is confusing.