I purchased the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask ($34) when it first came out. It took me two full bottles to finally reach a decision about whether I like it or not. I decided… I do like it. It’s innovative and fun, but as one can tell by the long trial time, I don’t think it has a notable effect on skin, aside from the mental satisfaction.

The first formula was extremely harsh. It came off like duct tape, and even pulled off eyebrow hair that got stuck in the application. Either the first time is just difficult, or Boscia revamped the formula, because it currently peels off painlessly. It takes some time to figure out the right amount to put on as well. A common mistake is to apply the masking too thinly, and then it doesn’t peel off smoothly. The mask needs to be applied in a thick, opaque layer. Only then will the mask peel off in solid piece.

Pros: Enjoyable experience. It’s rather fun to peel off the mask after if has solidified. Visible extraction of debris from pores. You can see little bits of debris on the mask after you take it off. Skin feels good after use and skin’s texture is noticeably smoother to the touch for a few days after use. Smooth and comfortable, but not too dry or tight. No irritation. One bottle will last a very long time.

Cons: Long drying time. It usually takes me 30 minutes, so it doesn’t fit well in a busy person’s schedule. If you don’t apply the mask thickly enough, or too thickly, there will be minor problems taking it off. It also causes my eyes to water up slightly when I apply the mask on my cheeks.

Overall, it’s an innovative mask, but I don’t see it fitting into my skincare routine as a necessity. It’s basically a versatile pore strip. That’s great for people who struggle with blackheads and need that temporary fix. But that’s not my concern, and it’s not effective enough in exfoliation or clarification to stay in my medicine cabinet.