It’s a shame that Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Eye Gel ($15) gets so many low reviews on Makeupalley, but it’s actually quite a good eye cream. Additionally, it’s quite a sensible choice because of its natural formula and drugstore prices.

This is gel does not absorb into skin as well as Boscia’s Eye Cream did. It instead lies on top of skin for a bit, looking rather shiny. However, when I put on makeup, there is no greasy feeling at all, meaning that the gel does absorb and is not a hindrance to makeup application. It does not burn or sting either.

In regards to results, I did see a disappearance in what dark circles I have, and hydration improved. Keep in mind that that I don’t really suffer or even notice undereye problems. Pretty much anything will hydrate my eyes. The Eye Gel does not have an effect on puffiness though.

Overall, I doubt there are significant long term effects, but it’s a great choice when you just want something for your eyes because it’s hydrating and brightening at a dirt cheap price (relative to eye creams).