DHC Deep Cleansing Oil ($5 for 1oz, $26 for 6.7oz) was my introduction to cleansing oil and it changed my skincare routine forever upon the very first use.

Application. With this olive oil-based cleanser, you apply it to a dry face, rub for a bit, wet the face so that the oil emulsifies, and then rinse off. It was hard to get accustomed to it at first, but now I think the process is great. It makes sense. Rubbing the oil on dry allows me to get a mini-massage and ensure that all parts of my face are cleansed.

Removing Makeup. With all other cleansers I’ve used, I sometimes felt like my skin wasn’t clean enough, as if maybe I didn’t lather enough, or rub the right spots, and there’s still foundation on my face. From the first wash with DHC, I felt like my skin looked just like when I woke up in the morning, sans-makeup. Even with my stubborn waterproof mascara, DHC oil got it to the point where it washed off the lashes, and then was easily wiped away with my fingers and a soft tissue paper. Some people claim it doesn’t wash makeup off enough, but I thought it was great, and they can always combine it with toner to be extra sure.

Suitable for all Skin Types. As a person with combination skin, I thought oil would be bad for my skin. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. It somehow evened out oil in the T-zone and prevented my cheeks from becoming to dry. While other cleansers leave a tight, dry feeling on my skin if I don’t moisturize quickly, DHC’s olive oil-based cleanser never has that tight feeling. It’s somehow miraculously safe for oily/combo skin, and inherently beneficial for dry skin.

Cons? It does nothing for breakouts. It made my eyelids slightly oilier, when my shadow and liner never smudged before. It also gets used up very quickly. I would love it if DHC made it in a size larger than 6.7 oz. I still think it’s worth these inconveniences though for thoroughly clean skin.

Overall, it’s a great introduction to cleansing oils.