I’m a big advocate of getting vitamin D naturally, by getting out in the sun and soaking in its rays, especially easy in beautiful Southern California, which is sunny year round, even if it gets a bit colder. I believe it truly makes people happier, and if scientists say it makes your skin better too, that’s a big plus.

I received a free deluxe sample of Dr Dennis Gross Skincare’s Active Vitamin D Serum-Oil from Sephora. There have been rave reviews for this product, and the science behind it seems sound. However, it was far too oily for my taste. The oil felt heavy and uncomfortable sitting on my skin. I did not break out from it, fortunately. Rubbing it in my hands first and then patting it on my face made for better application too. But the discomfort was something I could not get used to after multiple days of use. I could not put other creams on my face afterwards, and it felt like a mismatch for my skin type.

While I often endorse giving a product much time to show effects, sometimes you have to listen to your gut and know when it really isn’t working out, like a relationship or friendship. The French believe that your skincare ritual is a time of pampering, to be enjoyed. I wasn’t enjoying this serum-oil.

I would tell people in cloudy regions and with dry skin to give this a try. But don’t spring for the full size before you try, especially if you’re a combo skin type like me.