I don’t usually wear mascara, but when I decided to finally buy a full size tube, I chose Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes! mascara. It has everything you want from a mascara – lengthening, voluminizing, strengthening, curling – plus it’s natural and loaded with good vitamins to nourish your lashes. If you’re going to use mascara, it might as well have some benefits for you to cancel out the creepy thought of putting pen ink so close to your eyes.

I’m a bit hindered from enjoying the benefits of mascara. Not only am I a novice at application, I have very straight, thick lashes that point downwards and I lack the bulging fish eyes where mascara can be applied easily (though for that absence, I’m am quite happy). Thus, this mascara did not fare well with me. It clumped a lot, no matter how much a I used my brush in a zig zag pattern. It was difficult to get mascara on the baby lashes on the inner half of the eyes without making a big mess, regardless of how careful I was. It also was a bit more resistant to removal as compared to other mascaras (but DHC’s Deep Cleansing Oil did the trick).

It DID seem to be healthy for my lashes though. Even after removing my mascara, I noticed that my lashes seems thicker and stronger than the mornings before application. Over time, I suspect that my lashes have grown in volume and thickness. However, I was already happy with my lash volume ans was actually needing something to hold a curl.

Overall, it’s not for me because I don’t use mascara enough to justify the purchase, given mascara’s quick expiration. However, the strengthening qualities and natural formula make this mascara one that would be appreciated by mascara junkies.