Short review today. Concealer is another item, like mascara, that is essentials to others, whereas I have yet to find one that I like enough to make it an essential. This summer, I tried Skinfood’s Rice Concealer Tip in #23, found for under $10 in any Skinfood store all over Seoul/Korea, in Skinfood stores in the USA, and at

Pros: Good color match. A bit dark at first, but matched my skin after blending for some time. The sponge tip wand and creamy texture of the concealer made it effective at covering both flat spots and raised spots, which stick concealers have difficulty with.

Cons: Its ability to cover was a bit minimal, especially after blending, so it did not hide dark scars well. My main gripe was that it made me break out in the places I used it.

So it’s incompatible with my skin particularly, but I wouldn’t warn anyone against trying it.

By the way, I am piling all makeup reviews into one sub-category, under the By Product parent category. This is because I want to focus on skincare both in my records and in my life. Makeup is fun, but it’s my crutch. Emancipation from needing it is the goal.