There’s not much for me to say about eye creams because I have been blessed with a lack of undereye problems. I only buy them for long-time prevention, the results of which are not known until years down the line.

Boscia’s Enlivening Amino AG Eye Treatment ($38) is a great lightweight eye cream. It feels silky, without any greasy texture, and absorbs into the skin well. I never had problems with shine or makeup smearing when I used this on my undereye area, so it’s perfectly safe to put on under makeup in the mornings. The formula is so silky smooth and light that you can even use this on your upper eye lid with no irritation.

Additionally, a little goes a long way. You don’t need much at all for each application. One bottle lasted me a little less than one year. The only down side is that Boscia, possibly elevated the price, because I remember paying a lower amount for this bottle than the current price.

Overall, while I may not be able to comment on the eye cream’s benefits, it’s good because it carries no detriments and is practical for daily morning application.