The Black Sugar Mask Wash-Off by Skinfood is a wonderful scrub. Though it’s not preservative-free, it is my favorite exfoliation product now.

I bought my first jar for 7700 won in South Korea, at one of the many Skinfood stores in the mall or at the subway stations. In the USA Skinfood stores, such as the one at Los Cerritos Mall or Irvine Spectrum in California, I have seen them at $17.00. You can also get it from Amazon and export websites like YesStyle for around $14-$17.

According to the company instructions, you’re supposed to mix it with water or toner first, then massage on the skin and leave for 10-15 minutes. Being that my bottle was all written in Korean, or I just don’t read directions, I treated it like a regular scrub and it still worked well.

There are sugar granules, which some people have claimed were a bit big and harsh, but I did not find this as harsh as St Ive’s Apricot Scrub, nor did it irritate any already-troubled skin. After several seconds of message, the sugar pieces melt into a warm liquid. After using the scrub, I noticed that my skin texture felt very smooth, more so than most scrubs (though that could also just be the mask leaving a slightly oily feeling).

The product also lasted for a good amount of time. One standard jar lasted me six months, with regular, uninhibited use. I will use it again.