2011 was divided between two Burts Bees cleaners, BB’s Radiance Facial Cleanser and BB’s Natural Acne Solutions Purifying Gel Cleanser. This was a part of my resolution to make skincare routine more natural and preservative-free. Both were decent cleansers, but aside from being natural, they are no less effective than their cheaper drugstore counterparts.

The Radiance Facial Cleanser ($10) is more natural than the Acne Cleanser. For instance, Radiance doesn’t contain phenoxyethanol, while the Purify Cleanser does, which is a big win for Radiance.

The Radiance cleanser has a smooth texture somewhere in between milk and jelly. Its ability as a cleanser was mediocre to me – it didn’t seem any different from any other cleanser. It neither improved or burdened my complexion in any way. Radiance’s unique claim is that it has jojoba beads and fruit acids to provide a slight, gentle exfoliation. However, the jojoba beads were too few, and the fruit acids did not sit on one’s face long enough, to make any real impact. They seem to only be included as a gimmick.

I had a lot more hope for the Natural Acne Solutions Purifying Gel Cleanser ($10) because it had all three things I usually look for in a cleanser: natural, targets breakouts, and found at my local drugstore. I went through 2 full bottles, waiting for it to work, and it never did. On the plus side, it doesn’t small bad, and it has a nice gel-liquid consistency that is easily manageable. On the down side, it did nothing for my breakouts. In fact, I seem to consistency have bad complexion while using this cleanser.

My skin immediately cleared up when I switched from this cleanser to DHC Cleansing Oil, which I will cover in another post. This lead me to conclude that BB’s Purifying Cleanser actually does not remove all makeup well, leaving your pores clogged and making you break out more. Not only is it useless as an acne product, it’s useless as a makeup-remover.

Overall, I’m glad I gave these a try, but I’m not going to buy again either when a cheaper brand does the exact thing as the Radiance Cleanser (and in the Purifying Gel’s case, the cheaper brands are actually better).