Origins’ Brighter by Nature SPF 35 Moisturizer ($45) did surpass other sunscreen moisturizers in a couple ways, but overall, it disappointed for its price and purpose.

The good: The sunscreen. Not only does it have a special focus (brightening), but it also provides sun protection. Most often with products, I have to choose between the two goals. However, with technology these days, there is no excuse for not including SPF with other beneficial ingredients. Origin’s moisturizer also impresses because there is no strong sunscreen smell or immediate white shading. It glides on as smoothly as any other lotion. It also comes in a relatively large size.

The bad: It doesn’t work. In the time I used this, I actually got more brown spots and discolorations on my face, so much so that other people started to notice and I required concealer to cover it. If a moisturizer specializes in brightening and can’t even prevent discolorations, AND it’s over $30, it’s not worth it.

Verdict: Too much money for only an SPF cream.