Over the last year, I’ve fallen in comfortable relationship with the Yes to Carrots line of skin care. As part of my crusade to go organic (which was foiled by my discovery of BB creams this summer), as well as my attempt to save more money by using more drugstore products, Yes to fit the bill in both ways.

Yes to (Carrots) is a US-based, organic skincare line found at Target stores. They have four lines catering to different specialities: Carrots (general/moisturizing), Tomatoes (clarifying/acne control), Cucumbers (sensitive skin), and Blueberries (anti-aging). I have used the cleansers from each line. All of which are about $10 USD – $15 USD. This is my resulting opinion.

Yes to Carrots: As the generic line, I wasn’t pleased with the idea of using something that has no extra benefits. The Carrots cleanser was fine though and did everything a good cleanser should, despite nothing else. The texture is a thick but soft cream. Mostly unscented. It lathered easily, took off makeup, and washed away smoothly. I experienced very minimal breakouts at that time, but that could be due to other factors as well.

Yes to Tomatoes: What surprised me the most about this cleanser (and the entire Tomatoes line) was how good it smelled. It did not smell like tomatoes, but it had a pleasant fruity sent that did not seem as artificial as it probably was. The texture was a clear, thick gel. Lathered and washed off well. In terms of preventing breakouts, I did not notice a substantial difference, but my skin never reached a horrible point, so it did a subtle balancing job. My biggest gripe about this cleanser is that Target never seems to have it in stock. I would have to order though the website and that takes ages sometimes.

Yes to Cucumbers: I got this because it is always in stock at Target. It has become my alternative to my #1 choice (Tomatoes). The texture is a clear, light green gel, a tad more watery than the Tomatoes cleanser. It has a very faint scent that is barely noticeable. Lathers and washes fine. I’ve had both clear skin and bad breakouts while using this. It’s a good cleanser, but it seems too weak to really fix your skin in any way.

Yes to Blueberries: Big disappointment. It seems like you can’t go wrong with an anti-aging formula with antioxidents, but Blueberries did by having a shoddy formula. The texture is a like a cleansing milk (just a little thicker). It does not lather well. The worst part is washing it off – you can’t. The milk ends up sticking to your face, especially around eyebrows. It solidifies in an odd way so that it will take ages to wash away. Not wanting to waste it, I now only use this cleanser in the shower and it will be the last bottle of Blueberries cleanser that I ever use.

Final Rankings:
1) Yes to Tomatoes
2) Yes to Cucumbers
3) Yes to Carrots
4) Yes to Blueberries