These are the first two BB creams I have tried. They were chosen because they both had small trial sizes for 300-500 yen each at the Don Quixote discount store in Tokyo, Japan.

Initially, I felt Kanebo’s Freshel White C had surprisingly lighter coverage than I expected. Actually, it has the best pigmentation and coverage of all the BB creams from my Summer 2011 haul. It covers discoloration well, though not as well as pure foundation. There is very build-able coverage available, especially if you apply it again like a spot concealer (dot and pat down).

It has a creamy texture and a matte finish. It went on smoothly and adjusted to my skin tone well. It did not make me break out and it did sufficiently even out skin tone while looking very natural. It did not feel heavy on my face all day and there was a fair amount of oil control. I did not notice a big difference in brightening, despite its whitening formula.

Sana’s Pore Putty impressed me on the first application and disappointed after that point. Pore Putty went on smoothly, adjusted to my skin tone well, and provided great coverage… for a couple of hours. The cream wears off extremely quickly and all your imperfections will resurface by lunchtime. Furthermore, it has no oil control and it felt heavy on my face for the entire day. Perhaps this is better fit for someone who has more dry skin, as opposed to my combination skin. I am debating either using up all of it just to get rid of it or simply tossing the whole bottle.

In this initial battle between the Japanese BB creams, Freshel wins. I would rather be looking average consistently throughout the day than making a drastic downhill transformation through the work shift.

In a nutshell: Fresh UV White is light weight, yet medium coverage. PorePutty covers well but not suitable for oily/combo skin.
Winner: Kanebo Freshel White C